Learning to Stop Rushing: With four Apps to improve our quality of Time.

Part of being what I defined Last Post as a Hustler, comes with the territory that is crazed, embarrassing, and yes even unorganized. The most constant villain in my life is Time. I rush to and from everywhere, and I’m not exaggerating, it’s not an attractive quality most days. Maybe it’s because I’m a punctual pursuer but I really just can’t stop racing that clock, with a need to get to and from everywhere possible that I can jam pack into a schedule. This occurred to me on an ultimate level this morning when my busy day yesterday had the potential to wreak havoc on my day today.

I’ll give you a brief rundown, but I’ll preface it with the fact that this is not, I repeat, NOT, me complaining my life is so busy. It is more me criticizing myself for not putting in the work to provide margin, and space in my life like I have promised nine million times. ***If you don’t care about my personal schedule pick up at the bolded part below for the real message of this post.

Currently, I commute about 35 minutes, and this is an overly detailed breakdown of how what could have been a day well spent, turned into a day rushing and fussing about the world.

So, at 7:00am I dropped my dog off at daycare midway between work and home (yes, I’m that kind of dog owning human). I continued rushing from meeting to meeting to iPad distribution until that afternoon.

I leave job-number-one each day around 3:30 so on the dot I ran out, to be at job-number-two, waitressing, between 4:30-4:45.

Therefore, I got into the car to pick my dog back up to bring her home and change right as I spilled my bottle of water over the menus I am in charge of printing for each week’s Thirsty Thursday event. I have no printer at home and at this point, I was too far to turn back around to go to work to print.

So, between 3:45-4:20 I drive (too fast, I know) the extra fifteen minutes out of town to my Gracious Parents’ office space to print menus, to drive back to town to drop off my dog, and head to my waitressing job until 10:00pm.

By the time I left I didn’t even feel that crazed because, well, this is a normal day for me.  

Due to this busy day, this morning I woke up and got in my car, and before leaving reached my hand into my work bag to check if I had everything necessary. As my fingers fumbled, there was no work laptop. This is not the first time I’ve lost something in a cloud of rushing around, so my heart began to race. Retrace your steps aloud, I thought, as I drove to work anxiously. Did you leave it on your desk? In the office? When was the last time you saw it? I instantly cursed myself embarrassingly for rushing around yesterday like a crazy person. Anyone else ever do this? Sound like this? I can’t be alone.

         I lose my keys sometimes, my license often, and a debit card occasionally. I am organized and thoughtful 98% of the time, I swear, even though you’re probably nodding in disagreement. But somewhere between my color-coded planners, charts on the fridge, and documents on my iPad reminding me of every step, I have one of these days. These days result from overbooking and over planning and overextending myself. So, there I go flying around the world like a raging lunatic, shoving cards in the wrong pocket or leaving them on a counter. These days cause me to get road-rage and impatient with slow walkers and take less time for small talk. I literally become the person I am known to complain about in a flash, and I don’t even have children yet to add to this chaos.

It’s not the first time I’ve promised to be more mindful and slow down. So, I started some investigating. How can we not rush through life and ruin the quality of our living every day? What tools are at our disposal that doesn’t just add one more to-do list written somewhere, but actually simplify the process of living? Every day should indeed start and end with mindfulness and understanding, with time to pray and reflect, time to find peace and rest. That can be done without technology or a list. But I’ve been trying and saying I’d do so forever, and what I’ve been doing hasn’t worked.

Therefore, melding my work to my personal life, I set out to do some research of what tools could help me, the racing rusher. If you think you can’t add one more App to your life, ignore this part too, but who would I even be if I didn’t give some of these a shot? So here we are, 4 Apps that will simplify* your day, your brain, your schedule.


For those looking to change habits and lifestyles

Productive: This goes way beyond a to-do list by setting reminders that improve your quality of life from family time, sleep schedules, hygiene, meditation and more. Earn badges and rewards, track information, and reflect on habits that are uniquely Location-based. Some of the goals I set were Reading for an hour twice Weekly, Vacuuming my entire house twice Weekly, and Family time (Niece, Nephew, Grandmother) Once every two weeks.



For the tech user that needs to simplify screen time

IFTT:  Standing for “If This Then That” is for someone consistently on your phone or other technology that just wishes apps could work together instead of against you. This app has great options to cut down on wasted time on your phone. It describes itself asIFTTT is the free way to get all your apps and devices talking to each other. Not everything on the internet plays nice, so we’re on a mission to build a more connected world.” – With some of the most awesome applets being 1. Back up all Instagram/Facebook tagged photos to your IOS Photos just by turning on a switch, Turning on Reminders in your favorite Apps to reach Fitbit Goals by connecting the two, Get the Weather sent to you every day at the same time and more!image


For the later-than-you’d-like-sleeper

iCukoo Alarm Clock: Whoever made this I’m going to high five! This is a charity based alarm clock that actually donates money to a charity of your choice every time you hit snooze or sleep later than you’d planned based on your alarm. Painful to try, but talk about motivating. You select the amount you’d like to regularly donate for each snooze and has plenty of charitable options. No more sleeping in! Or maybe even, sleeping in without a guilty conscience.



For those who need to relax their brain

Calm: For all my anxious people out there practice wide-ranges of meditation by using this app to practice anywhere from 3-minute to 25-minute meditation sessions. Whether it’s to start your day or fall asleep, this reminds us to spend some time on ourselves and our brains.





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